How Aeroalliance uses eSYS software to manage the supply chain
eSYS web application software manages all aspects of bidding, outsourcing and tracking of each individual suppliers work statement. There are five interrelated modules and used together give visibility to manage the complete value stream.

Bid Control combines detailed online estimating functionality with real-time vendor quotations to reduce the time required to produce effective bid proposals. Any number of vendors can be bid and the best value quote can be viewed and assigned to a final estimate. [more...]

Document Control allows for a library of data to be stored in any format on the server for remote access. When a package of work is requested for bid all drawings, parts lists and related documentation are attached to their relevant part number providing easy access to the supplier. [more...]

Vendor Control is a database of all suppliers and is sectioned into suppliers of materials, hardware, metal finishing and manufacturing. Suppliers log onto the system and view and submit bid and status reporting information as requested by online notification. [more...]

Program Control allows for the planning and management of schedules and capacity. Lead times and milestones are monitored at determined intervals from first lot tracking through status reporting to delivery. The exceptions to on time delivery are visually displayed at the program manager's desktop through an interactive dashboard. [more...]

Network Control allows for the strategic networking of parts suppliers. Multiple bid packages can be distributed for quotation from a single selection. This allows for the seamless movement of bid packages and also for the visual control of production schedules. [more...]

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